Monday, August 2, 2010

Tactile Cave!!! (v. 0.9)

Well, for the last month, only one blog post was uploaded to this site. I was out for the entire month at an academic summer camp named COSMOS (California State Summer School for Math and Science) taking a game development class. Learning the Processing programming language, I was able to put together the embedded game.

In San Francisco, there is a children’s science museum named the “Exploratorium” in the Palace of Fine Arts. Within, there is an attraction named the “Tactile Dome”, which is an indoor maze left completely unlit. Visitors must rely on their sense of touch to move about the maze to the end. This game was heavily inspired by this attraction, featuring three levels of dark, tactile goodness.

The game is still in an semi-complete state. Win conditions, death, movement and all the necessities of gameplay are present and functional and the code is completely bug-free. However, subsequent revisions will add enhanced graphics and animation.

EDIT: I am having difficulty embedding the game into this blog. You can play it here.

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