Monday, June 28, 2010

Update on Stuart Hall’s Condition

Thanks to your participation, we have raised over 3 Million, enough money to support the school and totally prevent its closure. The Steering Committee presented a plan to the Board of Trustees, which they gladly accepted.

You have my most sincere gratitude. I thank you all for your help.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Helping Stuart Hall High School, San Francisco and Tomorrow

Those of you whom have read the previous few blog posts know that my school, upon receiving its smallest ever incoming-freshman class, has fallen upon hard times producing revenue, and thus, is considering shutting down its programs. For its community and the community around it, Stuart Hall High School is much more than an Independent High School focused on critical thinking. For the Fillmore and Tenderloin communities, it represents a vital source of financial and human resources for community service programs. Local homeless shelters, public schools and retirement homes are all highly benefitted by Stuart Hall’s students. Losing student-volunteers would threaten the effectiveness of these nonprofit programs. For local businesses, losing Stuart Hall would represent a significant loss IMG_1516of profit and would damage their stability. For the students and faculty of Stuart Hall, the school is both a home and a family, providing moral guidance and personal development for all involved. Its closure holds widespread negative ramifications everywhere. 

We Need Your Help, No Matter How Small

Thus, I simply ask you to visit and consider pledging what you can. Any dollar amount helps and you do not need a credit card or checkbook to contribute. Your participation matters in this, so contributing just five dollars would mean the world to us. Nonetheless, to ensure the survival of this positive force in San012 Francisco, larger donations are needed and greatly appreciated. As of today, we have reached $2,100,000 and slowly reaching our goal of 3 million pledged. You can choose from a one time donation to be paid this September or a donation to be split for the next five years. If you feel charitable, please pledge what you believe this wonderful institution is worth.

Stuart Hall’s Effect on San Francisco

The loss of Stuart Hall High School would cause great negative ramifications to spread through its community. Future students would lose an excellent education made unique through moral guidance and critical thinking. Local businesses would be hurt by losing student customers and the San Francisco community itself SHHSwould be hurt as service programs would be lost. Most importantly, the future itself would be hurt. Stuart Hall’s core philosophies center around the use of knowledge to change the world for the better. If future generations are not educated to become world-changers, then the future itself will be overwhelmingly bleak.  

Useful Links and Miscellany

Student Testimonials about why Stuart Hall must be saved
Pledge Your Support Here (IMPORTANT)
Letters from Students Regarding the Possible Closure
Wall Street Journal Article on the Possible Closure

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Note

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Flying the Colors

Teachers at Stuart Hall High School have created a blog earlier, compiling letters to the Board regarding the possible closure of the school and the effect that it will have on students. You can view it at: