Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Sites Tynan 2: Vincent’s Picks

Here are my brother’s picks for Tynan’s best articles.


in fact, it's actually the first i read and that drew me in, from cal newport's blog: it's all about risk. tynan's own pick to his articles. the blog is all about self-improvement. here's the man's mission statement: if life is unpredictable, and you're the only predictable one, then you better damn get working on yourself before crisis strikes. not just that, self-improvement enhances the fun and meaning of your life. this is about not drinking. alcohol is a crutch to overcome boredom. a better solution to taking on life is not to dwell on what addicts you and pulls you down because quality of time spent is low, but to work to be more innovative in living for the fullest. marijuana is worse than alcohol? tynan's take on addictive substances. self-improvement and habits.

how tynan eats as a vegan, on a day-to-day basis:

why not take medicine? reasons are philsophical... many of us come across passion for a potential significant other. however, many of us do not know how to put forward their best qualities in front of everyone, especially when everyone is so limited in time and energy. tynan documents what led him to become a master at putting forward one's best qualities, in what many may repel as "fast seduction," but recognize as often necessary to transform into the most fascinating guy to rock that girl's world. how can you love life so much that you want to freeze yourself? tynan's take.

many of us are lost at one point or another, facing crossing points in our lives. how do we reroute to the optimal path? tynan points out some questions every human should ask to make the best decision:

many graduate from college, rejoice the death of problems and papers and analysis, and find the quality of their lives skydiving. education is always continuous! tynan suggests that in addition to books, which impart valuable lessons, being a student outside of the classroom is key to living life awesome. here are non-literary ways:

new years resolutions - life is boring without challenging and bringing out the best of yourself to new levels. tynan reviews his yearly novel progress.

can you have your own utopia? from tynan's point of view, you realistically can, and this is how he'll do it:

languages - connecting yourself with more and more people always puts a new twist to how you perceive and experience everything. strategies for asian characters? tynan throws some lifehacks for those tricky japanese kanji: 80/20 principle for worthless pursuits - becoming a master of a few things is much better than being a jack of all trades. same: stop worrying! a lot of problems you think you have are actually just fairy tales. a little kindness can go an extremely long way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swine Flu: What’s the Big Deal?

As of the writing of this post, H1N1 Swine Flu has killed 87 people in the United States. The only distinguishing feature of the disease from influenza in humans is the fact that it can bypass immunization. 

Stories like the Swine Flu contain immense shock value. Disasters bring in viewers to news programs and thus, media networks are dependent on such disasters for profit.

song-chart-memes-swine-fluWhat separates the swine flu from many other disasters is that Swine Flu does not even reach the level of damage that events like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina lie on. A mere look at statistics and facts on its symptoms reveals that the media has radically blown things out of proportion. Considering that every year, African AIDS and Malaria problems kill exponentially more people than Swine Flu does, and that the Media has left such problems untouched, stating that the media overemphasizes the nature of Swine Flu is not a slippery slope.

The sad truth of the matter is that scary stories sell. Upon hearing of a disaster, people are quick to make a beeline towards the news sources. The media then profits off such a disaster, its constituents pleased with the advertising revenue that they make. The strife and misery of victims makes for a story that attracts viewers.

But what of the swine flu and the extent that the media has blown it out of proportion. The news incites paranoia to attract viewers. Even to the point where we fear for our lives at the slightest cough. We beg our doctors for antibiotics, even when the closest case of swine flu lies hundreds of miles away (not to mention that influenza is a VIRAL illness on which antibiotics have no effect on). By over-emphasizing swine flu, the media gains profit in unethical ways.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Sites: TYNAN!

Thanks to the hectic summer, I haven’t been able to blog for the last three weeks. I’ll be uploading my post about summer goal-setting soon. Provided that we read these Tynan articles first. Tynan’s main site. The man is an amazing life-hacking blogger. A “Calculator” is included to find out how picky you are with people. Are you a special snowflake?

2658_135136905463_705160463_6082004_3712709_n The media is blowing things radically out of proportion. Personal development and self-improvement is very much a major theme of many of my favorite bloggers. Why I don’t Drink. Social connotations are no problem for this blogger. Not being consistent with my blogging schedule is a huge problem for me too. And frankly, We all know that finding passion is a huge part of life and that that fact is repeated until it becomes trite. But many of us become lost in finding that passion, even myself. Tynan is a lifehacker, and thus. Works around systems to get more out of life.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sites: E3 Edition (Part 2)

Well, E3 has come and gone. Finals are over and summer has started. Within the next few weeks, you can expect a post on goal-setting for this long chunk of time. But for now, you’ll get to see my picks for this year’s E3. A new Zelda game is the works. Well, all we have is a trailer, but IT’S GOLDEN SUN! IT’S FUCKING GOLDEN SUN!!! A 256 person online first-person shooter. I am a great fan of Nintendo. But this looks AWESOME! I am both thrilled and concerned for this game.;all;6 Super Mario Galaxy 2.

By the way, if anyone can recommend a good DS game, please do so.

Have a great summer.