Thursday, October 11, 2012

Political Endorsements 2012

So I lied, I'm back.

Political Endorsements 2012

Decide for yourself at:

President: Barack Obama - Lesser of two evils, focus on small business is better for economy. This guy has a good description of why:
CA Senator: Dianne Feinstein - Have had no objections in previous years.

30 YES Increased funding for public schools is a priority, a temporary tax increase for certain demographics will help improve the UC system and California public schools.

31 NO Ineffective and expensive bureaucracy, overly vague language open to interpretation (READ: EXPLOITATION)

32 NO Nice try, multinational, big, evil, corporations.

33 NO Allows insurance companies to raise rates for people who have temporarily canceled their insurance.

34 YES Repeal the death penalty, avoid huge controversial battles, save taxpayer money, and respect the life of other humans.

35 YES Human Trafficking and slavery is a crime that deprives people of their autonomy and dignity, I don't think anyone objects to that

36 YES We need to reform this broken system and make repercussions for crimes appropriate for each situation. Will also save California a lot of money.

37 YES We have the right to know what's in our food and autonomously choose whether or not to consume it.

38 NO Redundant to Prop. 30, more expensive and less effective.

39 YES Taxing big businesses allows for increased state revenue, and greater degree of clean energy, which the state needs desperately.

40 YES Less fiscal impact on the state, allows for more effective representation.