Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Sites 61

The last Sunday Sites I posted was back in May, supposed to be a weekly feature, that was thrown out of schedule due to a crazy amount of real-life obligations I had to attend to over the summer. June brought a necessary hiatus due to reforms at school and July was spent in Santa Cruz making games. So, thus, here comes a massive posting. Have fun Halo 2600, a retro demake of Halo: Combat Evolved done as if it were released on the Atari 2600. Cyberbullying and the involvement of schools in out-of-school affairs. Many of the world’s richest pledge the greater portion of their wealth to charity new research on the POSITIVE effects of violent video games Nerd camps: something that we can use a lot more of Sure, it is a choking hazard, but an awesome one nonetheless. Nintendo should license this for their marketing of Donkey Kong Country: Returns Kantian Ethics + Video Games = Badass intellectuallery In a surprising turn of events, a high-school valedictorian speaks out against traditional forms of schooling, holding sentiments similar to that of Savio and the FSM. Ten reasons why 4chan is the most intellectual site on the web. Why Portal is the most subversive game ever, is filled with good content of both internet silliness and online intellectualism Speaking of 4chan, a lot of awesome stuff happens there. Like this.

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