Monday, July 19, 2010

New Research on the Positive Effects of Violent Games

"Ferguson recently conducted a study of 600 kids ages 10 to 14 in Laredo, Texas and found that the best predictors of youth violence were things like mental health. The study found that children who were depressedor who had anti-social personalities were more prone to engaging in violent actions" - John Gaudosi

Some of my readers might remember a post detailing this Fall's California Supreme Court Case detailing the sale of violent video games and the arguments for and against restrictions. Parental advisory site What they Play has published an article regarding a recent American Psychological Association study on the positive effects of violent video games. It can be read by clicking this link.

The general conclusion that the APA has arrived at is that there is no research yet linking violent game consumption to violent crimes. Given that the fall's upcoming trial will determine the fate of the industry in California, this new research will be compelling evidence to use against the unsupported claims of unscientific detractors. 

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