Monday, June 27, 2011

Statement Regarding the Results of Brown v. EMA

Today marks a historic moment to be remembered in the annals of video-game history for decades. In a 7-to-2 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that, like film, music and books, video games are protected forms of free speech under the First Amendment.

To be frank, the ruling is not surprising. We, gamers and game-makers, have held firmly to the conviction that our medium is not unlike other forms of media, and thus, should be afforded the creative freedom characteristic of artists and storytellers everywhere. Let it be known, that special treatment of games as a medium under government regulation, is now unconstitutional and will forever be. Let parents autonomously decide what content is appropiate for their children, not government organizations.

This has been a long fight for all involved with the game industry. Consumers, producers, developers and journalists everywhere have reason to rest easy, for the journey has begun to come to its conclusion.

However, the freedoms afforded to us by this victory must be utilized. Game publishers, fearing to risk sales, fail to use their First Amendment rights to their fullest extent, and as a result, the artistic integrity of gaming is threatened. It is our responsibility, as game developers and gamers, to support our freedom of expression without stifling it ourselves.

To all of you who signed the open-letter to Senator Leland Yee and the Supreme Court, thank you. Peace


EDIT: Senator Yee has issued a statement regarding the ruling, you can read about it here. 

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