Saturday, May 7, 2011



Yes, I’m making a sequel to Tactile Cave 2 and will be doing a few dev-diaries every now and then about it. It will be built off the code-base for the original Tactile Cave and will bring with it a new set of awesome surprises.

One thing that distinguishes software-devs from other artists is the fact that they do not try to cover up their mistakes and gleefully enjoy sharing them. I’m producing the game right now, and I ran into my fair share of issues.

- Debugging and cleaning the game far more difficult than I thought and required a rewriting of many different parameters scattered around the code.

- Death and Respawn are the game’s most significant problems, and as the level does not reload properly upon player death, the game instantly becomes glitchy and frustrating.

- Tactile Cave 2 will be considerably more difficult than the first game. Observing the behaviors of playtesters of the first Tactile Cave, I devised levels that will exploit those behaviors to create more challenging levels. You WILL get pissed.

- Tactile Cave 2 will take place in a much smaller 23 by 10 grid, making the game-boards much smaller than those of the first game. This optimizes screensize for display on

I’m projecting that Tactile Cave 2 will be done at the end of the month, in the meantime, enjoy the first Tactile Cave and its Schizophrenia mod at my OpenProcessing portfolio.

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