Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Stuff on the Mortenson Controversy

Well, the media circus surrounding the Mortenson Controversy has given us a few new updates, impugning Mortenson’s veracity and putting the integrity of his journalistic practices in question. For one, the leader of the tribe of Afghanis whom Mortenson claimed to have kidnapped him is looking into suing him for defamation. (Thanks Daniel!) The Christian Science Monitor comes in defense of Mortenson, saying the controversy is part of a trend of falsified memoirs coming out of the publishing industry. Needless to say, US Officials are investigating the non-profit in regards to its status as a NPO and the level of transparency it holds in regards to how it deals with donated money Furthermore, the 60 Minutes special on the Mortenson controversy could potentially spell the death of the CAI, even if the investigation upholds the NPO’s veracity as an organization. Potential donors can be lost in droves.

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