Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Sites 73

I just completed Insomniac’s Resistance 2, while a fun game with interesting ideas for weapons and varied and challenging enemy design, its ending can be summed in one, beautiful picture.

double-facepalm Chronicle of Higher Education, the Shadow Scholar, the guy who writes your student’s papers. A manifesto of sorts berating lazy students and the  educational system. An interesting read. Speaking of Resistance, the first game drew a bit of controversy over one if its levels. More appalling is how poorly the first game’s graphics have aged. HAPPY 25TH LINK! Interesting read, albeit, not the most original or compelling NEStalgia, the first interesting MMORPG The Supreme Court rules for the protection of hate speech. Intriguing. Doesn't make the WBC any less of total douches though. Proof that Japan, and Square Enix, is still relevant in Western Gaming, and that they still have much to work on USC ranked number 1 game development school. All of a sudden, I find myself considering going here. A lecture on Games and Morality at the GDC.

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