Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Schwarzenegger v. EMA - Transcripts

Today is November 2, 2010. Earlier today, the Supreme Court of the United States held meetings to discuss a recent challenge made by the Entertainment Merchant’s Association to California’s currently held violent video-game law (which was the subject of a previous open-letter to the SCOTUS). Game-journalism site Joystiq has created a scintillating summary and transcript of the court proceedings. From my interpretation of the script, it would seem that the Supreme Court justices, particularly Scalia, Roberts and Sotomayor, are supportive of the First-Amendment protection of video games.

Another interesting point raised by the justices is the question of a double-standard for protection of violent works as opposed to sexually explicit works. Roberts compared video-games to traditional art forms of narrative and film. Sotomayor also noted that children’s cartoons, another piece of commercially developed entertainment, offer no redeeming value beyond that of entertainment, and are still afforded First-Amendment protection.

And on a lighter note, the Goldeneye revival for the Wii has recieved surprisingly positive reviews, praising its authenticity to the original game’s aesthetic design.

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