Friday, March 6, 2009

More Letters

Well, the Day of Justice has come and gone, and with that, people have written their protests and letters of advocacy and justice.


The government doesn't approve of it. Seriously. The people voted, and now it's against the law for gay people to marry. And people thought America was all about equality. Well, thats a joke. Sure, we had the civil rights movement, and that worked itself out. But we still aren't an equal society. Gay people do NOT have equal rights. None of the same benefits of a married couple. And you know what? when interviewed on TV about the prop 8 issue, a catholic priest said "California has been a state for over 160 years. We have never had equal rights for gays. When they were approved, they were voted away by the people only 6 months later." Well, I'm not exactly sure what this proves. Because as a state, we had segregation. African americans did not have equal rights. and you can bet your ass that people voted against their rights. But now, people regret that. They realize what mistakes they made. But why can't gays have the same rights granted to african americans almost 50 years ago? what is wrong with us?

God Bless Fix America

~ Micheal Kreher

Okay, i wore white today, and i'm proud. to all you gay haters out there, go fuck yourself. Gay people are PEOPLE. and guess what? YOUR ARE ALSO PEOPLE! well, isn't that just amazing. but wait, they are GAY so they are less than you? that doesn't work right there. thats not right. Well, hey, if gay people can't marry, then i suppose white people shouldn't marry black people, and rich can't marry the poor? hows that sound for you? or maybe Brits can't marry Americans. thats fair, right? you can only marry the people your PARENTS choose for you, okay? that makes it all easier. NO. everybody deserves the right to marry. its a HUMAN right, and, believe it or not, gays are HUMAN. which does NOT mean that people should marry animals or that children should be forced into marriage with adults. no, it means that TWO GAY OR LESBIAN ADULTS DESERVE THE RIGHT TO MARRY. I would know, my two mothers got married when it was legal. don't let it be taken away. thank you

~ Micheal Kreher

im supporting this all the way. i honestly see no problem with same sex marraige as long as theyre happy and we have the natural right to pursue happiness am i right? it isnt going to hurt anyone. if people think that they shouldnt get married cause then things are going to drastically change then your wrong and should grow up. times are changed. come on. we have what no one thought we would have back then, a black president, so why not keep the change going and have same sex marraige?

~ Steven Mendez

I still have a hard time grasping how homophobes believe gay marriage will have any negative affect on them at all. Do they honestly believe that to make gay marriage illegal will result in a "safer" or "gay-free" world (which I think shouldn't exist anyways, but apparently they do).

~ Diego Otero-Caldwell

It's ok, say as much as you want about Prop 8, and what I find so surprising is that Same-sex marriage is legal in other countries like South Africa but not in the United States, the land of the free? What kind of bs is that?

~ Whole Wheat Toast

San Francisco is a refugee camp for homosexuals. We have fled here from every part of the nation, and like refugees elsewhere, we came not because it is so great here, but because it was so bad there.

~ Carl Wittman

Catholic Spain has approved same sex marriage. Not civil unions... MARRIAGES!

We, in California, on the other hand, are trying very hard to go back in time into the 50's (minus the strong economy, though). I really wonder what's next.

~ Tomate Farcie

There are a lot of folks who have spoken bitterly about how this or that is a sign that we are going to be betrayed by the current administration... we must not give in to cynicism or fear or doubt that our cause is right and just. "Never, never, never give up!" We must remember these words by Winston Churchill whenever we feel tired in our journey towards equality. We must pray, and seek out wisdom and inspiration from all corners of the world. We must continue to speak of our families and values, calmly and quietly, until the entire nation hears us. With humor, and grace, and wit, and dignity, and perseverance, will our struggle for equality be won. We must always remember this! Peace, Geoffrey

~ Pax

Victory was not ours today. But the struggle for equality is not over.

~No on 8

We are unapologetic in our fundamental belief that all individuals be allowed to marry. We are not willing to settle for second-class citizenship in the United States of America.

~ YesonGayMarriage

This great country we call home, With our shabby little houses and our lawns over grown, Full of people with voices, People with opinions, Who are given wonderful choices.We make difference choices every day, And each of us goes a different way. Some of us are straight, Some of us are gay, Some of us say America is Great.

But how can you think in such a way,
When My Country can cast me away because I am gay?
Cast me aside like a broken doll,
And not even care at all?
These tears are real,
And so is the love I feel.
Stop saying it’s wrong.
Stop saying it’s a sin.
Or I’ll say “So long.”
And you’ll never see me again.

I love her,
And I will be with her forever.
And one day I too,
Would like to say “I do”.

We have the same skin,
We breath the same air,
We even share kin,
And live without a care.

Yet on that day,
You took my dreams away.
To marry I must be straight,
According to Proposition Eight.

I am forced to flee my home,
To find somewhere to accept me.
A place I can call my own,
That won’t be so blind to see,
That I love her,
And she loves me.

~ Christina

In 2008, the California Supreme Court was faced with the question of how the values enshrined in Article I apply to same sex marriages. It concluded that the concept of "liberty" includes the right to form the enduring relationship called marriage and that no compelling interest justified denying this right to same sex couples. Just like the right to be free from discrimination in housing, citizens have the right to be free from discrimination in state-granted marriage licenses.

~ Jerry Brown


Alex Hillan said...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

-Declaration of Independence

Self explanatory.

Alex Hillan said...

Too bad the Declaration isn't law.

Whole Wheat Toast said...

When did I say that?

Whole Wheat Toast said...

oh, right.