Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why does this exist?

Some of you might know me, many of you don't. Some know me as a strong vandal-fighter on Wikipedia, some as an aspiring photographer on Flickr. Some might know me as a freak, some might know me as a personal friend. Here you see many facets of people, many different WikipedianMarliths. But why am I writing this? Why make a blog when I don't need one?

Well, you see. There are many different facets of people. That's obvious. But here I will attempt to unite all the facets together and make an interesting blog. Is that not why we write blogs?

Take for example, my personal favorite: Scott Young. A young writer who is outspoken and interesting. A proper artist with the keyboard. The goal of a blogger is to publish his thoughts and enjoy intelligent discussion with his audience. That is what I will do. Question the Answers.

Although it might not show in my online work, I am an outspoken and interesting individual in real life. In this blog, I hope to share some intelligent discussion. In this blog you will find philosophical posts, amusing posts, outspoken posts, long posts, short posts. Posts about controversial things that happen in the news and otherwise. Ageism, individualism, the concept of reality, the state of education, everything.

That is my purpose in writing this blog, to question the answers. To find weak points in how the answers we receive.

So let's begin!

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Whole Wheat Toast said...

wow, pretty inspiring. and touching too.