Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Sites 51: Bigotry and Racism

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Considering that tomorrow is MLK Day, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Sunday Sites to the problem of bigotry and ignorance. Political correctness, with all its good intentions, often prevents us from discussing topics that must be given attention. Thus, it is time to do just that.  All of these are good reads, so click away. I’ll start off with an especially important site. This is a directory of hate groups around the United States. If you click on one thing on this week’s list. Make it this. Homophobia and Harassment in the Online Gaming Age Dehumanized: when Math and Science rule the school Panelists say King’s struggle for equality continues Clinton, Bush and Obama, once opponents with good reason, are able to see past those differences to effectively answer their call of duty, sadly that’s not the case for most other people Case in Point: Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Haiti I watched American History X at my school as part of a special event about bigotry. I can say that it was one of the most relevant and pertinent films I’ve ever seen relating to racism and bigotry. A must see for anyone. Speeches from MLK as well as other civil rights leaders can be found here. Americans Against the Westboro Baptist Church – An incredible resource for information on one of America’s largest hate-centric groups Westboro Baptist Church’s view on the Haitian Earthquake. (NSFW) More of WBC’s hate-filled sites (NSFW)

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