Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quick Note about the Proposition 8 Challenge

After the failure for Same-Sex Marriage in Maine, we are brought to California to hear the challenge to Proposition 8. A Californian measure, which effectively ended Same-Sex Marriage in 2008. It attracted a large amount of controversy even outside of California. After a year in limbo, Proposition 8 is about to return to the scrutiny of all.

In the past few days, a large amount of controversy arose over the topic of allowing cameras into the courts to televise the trial on YouTube. It succeeded, with a compromise, the trial won’t be streamed live, but will be simply uploaded later on. The trial was initiated by a couple filed a lawsuit, believing that the statewide-ban on same-sex marriage violated their constitutional rights. Vaughn Walker will be presiding the trial. While it is near-impossible that the victory of this trial would lead to an overturning of Proposition 8, winning the trial would make significant progress towards the fight to eradicate the law.


So I encourage you to be present on Monday, with this trial in your heart. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated by all those who support a more ethical society. Already conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin are beginning to threaten the trial as well as the lifestyles of everyone besides themselves. People around the country have begun to think deeply and reconsider their positions on homosexuality because of the events of the last few years. Hopefully, Monday will present another great shift. 

(EDIT: Please consider this link, you’ll find a thought provoking discussion there that you are highly welcome to participate in)

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David Scott said...

It should go without saying that a person should be allowed to marry whomever they choose. Until the right-wing, religious fanatics in this country stop trying to control everybody else and force their “morals” down the throat of the country, there can be no real freedom in the United States. I invite you to my web pages devoted to raising awareness on this puritan attack on our freedom: