Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Sites 49, 2010 Extravaganza

Well, let’s kick off 2010 strongly with a large batch of awesome sites and articles! Zack Number’s luddite philosophies have drawn a lot of ire from most people. Here is the book that he draws from. The Chronicle’s Decade in Review featurette, aptly titled “Decade of Lost Illusions'” an independent analyst’s blog focused on Wii games, where figures and statistics are analyzed. A grassroots movement in the style of to end global poverty. Tweet it, blog it, do something to share this amazing story  I loved Avatar, it was simply one of the best sci-fi fantasy movies that I have ever seen. Its timeless message speaks strongly about the adverse effects of civilization and imperialism. But here’s another take, titled “When Will White People Stop Making Movies like ‘Avatar’” Ctrl+Alt+Del is one of the funniest webcomics out there, here it is for those who haven’t yet discovered it. And while we’re talking about Ctrl+Alt+Del, lets put Cyanide and Happiness in there. Yet another Decade in Review featurette, but this one is fascinating. Highly recommended. If you’re going to click on one link on this page, make it this one. This is an independent source of criticism by the man who brought you this site.

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