Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Sites 50

Wow… this is a big day. Sunday Sites has been going on for over 50 weeks. Here is the 50th installment in the never-ending series. Enjoy! Twitter Marketing: Why You Don’t Need to Mass Follow Strangers Iranian Professors risk their lives protesting for peace, an exellent read,+"That's+so+gay!"/?utm_source=Wetpaint&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Digest&utm_campaign=Site An interesting discussion on a never-ending controversy prevalent in schools everywhere. Ten-year-olds are using these slurs, and that is something to change. The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage. Typically, Gay-Marriage is considered to be a “liberal issue” that conservatives oppose. It’s not such, it is simply a “Human Issue”. Here is an excellent read.

Tomorrow’s court case regarding Proposition 8 will be broadcast at: It is to be called Perry v. Schwarzenegger. More information is avaliable at:

In addition, please sign this petition: . Its short and will only take seconds.

There is also a Facebook event for tomorrow’s trial:

I hope these links help inform you. You can help by tweeting this or posting it on your Facebook status. Thanks

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