Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comments on Osama’s Death

Whoa, now that’s what I call a crapflood… Facebook is even busier than it was when the Giants won. I can’t edit the Wikipedia article without dealing with several edit conflicts. The article on his death has already underwent its own AFD. Without a better term to describe it, the madness is “lit”. As I am pressed for time, I want to say these two thoughts.

- The reactions that I have been coming across on both Facebook and Twitter are perturbing. Celebrating the death of Osama is little more than celebratory revenge and means relatively little in the big-picture.

- Obama’s speech did little to inform the American public of the details of the incident and instead backed the same celebratory revenge mindset that many are backing.

- Ultimately, this could complicate the big picture as Radical Islamic Extremists are enraged at the death of a leader.

Ultimately, I hear this news with trepidation. I will nonetheless follow developments and details in the coming days.

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