Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Featured Pictures and Copyrights

It would seem that one of my photo-contributions to Wikimedia Commons has been promoted to featured status, acknowledging it as one of the best items on the site and giving it potential to appear on Wikipedia’s Main Page.
This is pretty sweet stuff, selection for featured status is an intense process filled with subsequent edits and a lengthy discussion period regarding the quality of the media. The process for selection is amazingly open, as per Wikimedia philosophy, and involves an open debate to the Wikipedia community. Check it out and enjoy the picture. Its licensed under CC so you are permitted to use the image for any purpose and modify it as you wish provided you attribute it to me.

One More Thing
I'm also updating the license on this blog to make copyrights less restrictive. The new license is CC BY-ND under the terms of this license, you are allowed to share and reuse any of my work for any purpose without permission as long as you give attribution to me and not make derivative works from this site. Furthermore, I make liberal use of fair-use screenshots and images, and the license does not apply to that. Enjoy your newfound freedom!

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