Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Sites 78

Here’s something you shoulda built: a not dyin’ machine!

scout Final Fantasy IV celebrates its 20th birthday this week, and multiple sites are reminiscing about its history. An enhanced PSP version comes out this week, along with the ambitious Conduit 2 FFIV may seem insignificant today, that proves its impact. Team Lincecum’s windup in 1000 FPS. Good luck Giants, kick ass. Original GTA design docs released, clues in how a game evolves from conception The Glowing Stars were, in my opinion, the best gig at last week’s concert at the DNA. Here is their site, support the Japan relief effort by buying their album! GamesRadar has compiled a video of every Mortal Kombat fatality ever made to celebrate the return of another classic.

Well, I’m headed to LA for the week, so there won’t be any posting this week. That’s why this edition is out early.

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