Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Sites: E3 Edition

Tomorrow marks the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is the most wonderful time of the year for gamers. Hopefully, this year would bring the excitement that we have seen in previous years. This is quite possibly the best proof of the excitement that E3 brings to gamers. A history of E3, highlights of each convention. Quite possible the fastest method of getting information next to being there IGN’s E3 site. Quite possibly, the ultimate example of a video game studio that has had its artistic and entertainment values taken away by abusive publishers. Good luck with the Conduit “The Real Game-Master”? [citation needed]. Still a very objective reviewer

Gaming itself has lost much of its artistic integrity. Today, games are mass produced by legions of developers who have nearly no say in what content goes into the games they develop. Developers become sell outs, and the connection between players aIMG_8054nd their games is all but obliterated. The price to develop games professionally has skyrocketed, and thus, fewer developers are willing to take risks, and thus, truly experimental gameplay and norm-breaking presentations have become rare. So this E3 comes at a critical time where fewer and fewer games seem interesting to jaded gamers.

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