Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anger is the Motivator

I am angry.

I am angry because Proposition 8 was passed. Passed out of ignorance. The votes were fueled by people who had no exposure to gay society. People who had no idea of how it is like to be gay, people who have no gay friends nor family members. I am angry because of that.

But anger is good.

Anger motivates us to do positive actions that will benefit the world. It drives us to reflect upon ourselves and others. Thus, anger serves as the catalyst for all meaningful movements in history.

We are angry. 

Gay-sympathizers, gays, straights, lesbians, questioners and AnonymousProtestbisexuals: unite in hope. Anger led us to come out and be vocal, asking provocative questions to break long held unfair taboos. Anger will again move us to unite in a movement.

Mario Savio, Harvey Milk and Gandhi used their anger to move people and unite to make efforts towards liberation. Once again, we need a leader. A leader who possesses the fiery passion to instill in each of us the motivation to live out our beliefs.

The passing of Proposition 8 was not a win for the Defense of Marriage, it was a lost. For it instilled in us the anger to create positive change. That change will come with our combined efforts. We will combat the ignorance that has plagued Evangelical communities. With the education of the ignorant, more and more people can sympathize with gays. The frightening lack of knowledge in far too many communities was what passed Proposition 8.

So I ask of you to get angry. Fight back against ignorance with dialogue. As such will enlighten those who willfully shut away sympathy out of fear and insecurity.


D-O-C said...

What is better: to educate and spread empathy through one's anger, or to do so through one's pain? I personally feel that people are kinder to a person they know they have hurt than a person they know they have enraged.

WikipedianMarlith said...

People are angry because they have been deliberately hurt. They are one and the same. Both have great potential to motivate and cause positive change.