Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health-Care Reform: A Brief Summary

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Back in August, the rationale for opposing health-care reform for some Americans was comedically bad. Many accused Obama baselessly for promoting “death-squads” and for creating a socialist government. I wrote a blog-post about the irrationality in such reasoning (look at those comments!). In the seven months that followed, the rationales against health-care reform have improved dramatically and are far more reasonable.

Still, most people, like myself, have not been able to keep up with the changes with this controversial bill. In a nutshell, the country spends 2 billion on health care and 46 million people remain uninsured. Obama’s health-care bill intends to address this issue.

The main point of controversy comes with the proposal of a government-run insurance-plan. Such a plan would compete against private insurance companies. This increased competition would force private companies to be more honest to vie for consumer attention. At the same time, competition from the government threatens to damage economic freedom and threatens to infringe on the liberty of citizens. In addition, opponents of health-care reform state that the exorbitant price of launching a government option will call for increased taxes. 

The government’s official site for Healthcare reform can be found at: . Support whichever organization, for or against healthcare reform, you want.

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