Monday, March 8, 2010

CTY’s Imagine Issue on Philosophy

Hey readers, what’s up?

Some of my older readers might know that in summer of 2008, I was at CTY’s CAA Summer Camp taking an introductory philosophy course. The Center for Talented Youth, the organization behind the program, puts out a bi-monthly periodical called Imagine aimed at teenagers. IMG_5017

They recently published a fantastic issue on philosophy deserving the attention of all readers of this blog. It can be viewed at In it, you’ll find an expanse of articles and essays written by young students on the study as well as university funded summer-programs and academic competitions for philosophy.

Check out the e-book and enjoy. Its a good read. In case you want to skip the articles and essays and get right to philosophical opportunities and resources, click on this link.

Until we meet again. Cheers!


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