Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sites Sixteen

As March 5th marks the day of justice, let's do another Sunday Sites about homosexual rights. Also, should you be interested, Queer Liberation Week is underway at my photoblog, which can be accessed through my blogger profile.
This page details a lot of things you can do to demonstrate your opposition to prop 8 An example of an opponent of gay rights. Analyse and criticise their arguments, as well as our own. By criticising our own arguments, we flesh out flaws and make them stronger. Again, the American Civil Liberties Union has some great literature and articles to use as a resource for inspiration and help for the movement. Yet another excellent resource for news and events about the movement. And when we gain equal rights here in the US, it will become important that the entire world grow more accepting of homosexuals as nations grow more connected.
As I said in last week's post about the eve of justice, I have created an event specifically for it.

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