Tuesday, February 24, 2009

March 5th - Wear White


For those who have regularly read this blog, or for those who are part of my Facebook group, we have plenty of reason to take action. On the fifth of March, the California Supreme Court will meet to hear arguments concerning the validity of Proposition H8. This presents one of the best chances ever to permanently seal the deal for LGBTQ rights in California forever. However, this cannot be done without your participation. As I said in my earlier post, being imprisoned in the closet harms the gay liberation movement because it decreases visibility.

Visibility is essential to any kind of anti-discrimination movement because it demonstrates the pain that discrimination causes to a large population of people. With visibility, we can explicitly demonstrate what the passing of proposition 8 has done to the LGBTQ community.

Time is of the essence, and it is with extreme urgency that I encourage you to fight back to regain the freedom to love and marry the individual that you love. Thus, this is a call for unarmed struggle on the fifth. Should the Supreme Court succumb to homophobia and discrimination, we will use the power of civil disobedience to nonviolently fight for our right. We must never give up, as we are fighting a battle which would have dangerous philosophical results should it be lost.

So I encourage you to wear white on the fifth of March. White is a notoriously unconventional color. People who wear it stand out easily. Because of this, we can easily be distinguished from the rest of the crowd. Wear white, and you will be visible.

March 5th presents the final battle in a long struggle to gain freedom for sexual minorities. So to each of my readers, I ask that you fight on the fifth. We will be vocal in our opposition and be united in our knowledge that such disobedience is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. So help us, and show the world numbers and strong will that has never before seen in this world.

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