Friday, February 13, 2009

The Closet: Social Distortion

There is no "right" to the closet.

If you are in it, it is not by your choice. You were forced into it as a child, and you are being held captive by a hypocritical, homophobic society

~ Michelangelo Signorile

"Being in the Closet" is a phrase that refers to a person who, hides his true sexual orientation to avoid suspicion and exposure. In times like these, to be in the closet is counterintuitive because it decreases visibility and degrades gays to the state of being just another minority. Because of this, being closeted only brings homophobia to communities, which is harmful to efforts to eliminate homophobia and discrimination. Now, while I am straight, I still feel the effects of homophobia, which explains why I wrote this post.

Thus, this post is a request to all my readers, who are either gay or questioning: Come out of the closet. If you don't, you are only helping brew homophobia and blocking the advancement of homosexual rights. Invisibility is an obstacle. Fear is what is responsible for self loathing and hatred.

Thus, you must tell your family. No matter how painful that may be. For if they do not know, philosophical and ideological conflicts over sexuality will be common.

Thus, you must tell your community and your friends. For if they do not know that you are gay, then they will assume that stereotypes are representative of entire demographics, deepening homophobia
Thus, we must tell the media, as well as all society. For if they do not know, then unrepresentative stereotypes made by people who do not know how gay people are like will continue to be made. Such ignorant stereotypes will only make homophobia even more widespread.

Homosexuality must be normalized, the shame and secrecy associated with it must die. We must be open to ourselves in order for the world to be open to us. It is a social responsibility to themselves and humanity to remove such social distortion. And when we all have come out, let the world count all of us, and let them be awed. Awed to see that so many amazing people were part of a demographic that they associate with sin and misconduct.

Similarly, parents must not force their children into the closet. Such constitutes child abuse. It is brutal psychological terrorism that blatantly tells them that their parents do not love them. Breeding self-hatred as well as anger towards a homophobic society. Parents: Do not create murderers and bigots.

As I said in many, many previous blog posts. Social norms must be torn down in order to create an authentic society. The closet must fall to gain gay rights.

Diversity is our greatest weapon. Should delegates of all demographics gather to demonstrate the diversity of queer peoples all around the globe, people will see that queers are not bad at all. So gather gays and lesbians, the closeted and the straight sympathizers such as I. Despite our diversity, we all share a collective message. Gays are normal people, and we want you to know that.

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