Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Sites 5

You know the drill by now. So, click and enjoy!
I love this program. While it is nowhere as pretty as anything that Microsoft makes, its just as functional and can read and transcode everything.
Microsoft are Morons... and that's coming from a current Microsoft user. Don't get me wrong, I like Vista, in fact, way more than XP. But still, there is a ton of potential in this turkey that wasn't noticed by developers. So then, why do I stick to Vista? Simple, game developers never looked much into Linux. If you aren't a gamer and don't need to use any special software like MatLab, take a look at this.
C++ is scary. With so many lines, it intimidates pretty much anyone. Python is easy to read and nowhere as intimidating as other programs. In fact, you can make a "Hello World" program in five seconds.
Ccleaner means Crap Cleaner, and it more than lives up to its name A registry cleaner, enough said. A free online-shooter from Nexon. The action is fast, almost spastic. The only bad thing is the "system" that was set up for acquiring equipment, which demands that you play a lot.
It's Quake that anyone can edit, modify and redistribute. And it's cel-shaded.
Thirty Days with Linux. Consider this if you want to convert.

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