Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Depression

All is quiet at the time and place of this writing, just hours after Barack was confirmed to be president select.

Everyone is talking politics at my school, which seems to be deserted today. Perhaps celebrating victory. A man talks about the future on the radio. We find ourselves in a discussion about how the Platonic Republic works in Latin. Everything seems to be upended. My adviser tells me that one of our students had the opprotunity to meet Barack in person just last night, and will be present at his inauguration in January. The headlines read: Much of the World Applauds Obama, while much of the world will not be governed by this man, they will indeed be affected by his actions. The prospect of the outcome of Prop. 8 still lingers in our minds.

The election is finally over, after two long years of madness. In retrospect, it is saddening to see it all over now. While the future seems so much more solid, there will be less to argue about now. No more extended arguments at school, no more quarreling news-anchors, no more blazing editorials regarding economic philosophy.

For many people, it represents both a thrilling victory and a period of post-election depression. Now that the conflict is over, there is far less to fight for. Thus, the prospect of returning back to normal life seems very unattractive. 

Until there is another conflict, more to fight for, people will be in this post-election depression.

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