Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Platformertown Developers Diary #3

Video game development is an intense task and demands the full attention, emotional investment, creativity and time of anyone involved in its process. It is with great regret that I announce that I will be going on indefinite hiatus from Studio C5’s platformertown project. With a full schedule of school, sports and college admissions work, I cannot fully commit myself to working on the project.

This is not to say that I did not enjoy my time on the project. Having contributed minorly to spriting in Tactile Cave, I learned much about  the nuances of character creation, finding it to be a truly challenging pursuit demanding every creative faculty and every problem-solving skill available to the artist. When limited to 40x40 pixels, one is challenged to minimalisticaly maximize the personality and distinctness of a given character using every pixel available meaningfully. It’s tough work, but very meaningful and satisfying work.

fgcharsprite pcstandhuge

I plan to return to future projects with Studio C5 in the future. Already I have multiple documents filled with ideas for games. (Many of which I find should be published to this blog) Until then, you will find in the following weeks a updated version of Tactile Cave. This subsequent version will add the fantastic CC-licensed music of of Ozzed as well as actual graphics.

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