Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sites 68

PUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDI I'm rather ambivalent about Facebook's most recent trend, changing one's profile picture to that of a nostalgic cartoon character for the sake of child abuse. While previous trends have been innocuous and fun grabs at personal fame for meme creators, this one has been disguised beneath the idea of a good cause, thereby dragging many into what is newly known as "Facebook Slacktivism". Nonetheless, I am participating out of interest in nostalgia. and while we're on the topic of memes, two new and interesting ones have surfaced in the past week, Jimmy Wales and PUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDIPUDDI Just try it out. Runs entered text through Google Translate multiple times to hilarious results. (thank you Sean White)

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