Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Sites 62

I’ve a blog post planned for the coming weeks. It’ll be a big one.

In addition, I’ve also accepted a job to work on a new game with some old friends from COSMOS. I’ll be a spriting artists, taking concept art and transforming it into 8-bit art.;title;9  Warren Spector, Deus Ex creator, hold a lecture at PAX on games, art and culture.  James Lee took several hostages at the Discovery Channel the other day. He was shot and killed by a police sniper. He promoted a philosophy of radical environmentalism that is still comprehensible and rings true for most people. He has a point, whether or not he made it in the best way is another story. The end of the Ramadan season coincides this year with 9/11, placing American Muslims in an awkward and misunderstood place given the previous controversy over the New York Mosque.

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