Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Sites: TYNAN!

Thanks to the hectic summer, I haven’t been able to blog for the last three weeks. I’ll be uploading my post about summer goal-setting soon. Provided that we read these Tynan articles first. Tynan’s main site. The man is an amazing life-hacking blogger. A “Calculator” is included to find out how picky you are with people. Are you a special snowflake?

2658_135136905463_705160463_6082004_3712709_n The media is blowing things radically out of proportion. Personal development and self-improvement is very much a major theme of many of my favorite bloggers. Why I don’t Drink. Social connotations are no problem for this blogger. Not being consistent with my blogging schedule is a huge problem for me too. And frankly, We all know that finding passion is a huge part of life and that that fact is repeated until it becomes trite. But many of us become lost in finding that passion, even myself. Tynan is a lifehacker, and thus. Works around systems to get more out of life.

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