Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama: What I Want to See

On January 19, National Service Day, I ponder what I want to see in the future in Obama's time. To-morrow is the inauguration. So, what do I want from him? Read on.

  • Repeal the ban on same-sex marriage nationwide. (Before we look at economic parity, lets take care of social parity)
  • Start up the economy, (Yes, I know the problem won't be solved immediately, but we can at least get to work on it.
  • Encourage people to buy American and refrain from outsourcing, which will help the economy
  • Reduce taxes
  • Get out of Iraq (For over five years, my main concern about the nation was the lives being lost in Iraq, and frankly, I still am concerned)
  • Insure long term national security, while not profiling.
  • Open up trade with Cuba, and clear up foreign policy
  • Promote more social freedom and promote large amounts of economic freedom
  • Put unemployed citizens to work on public facilities and works
  • Protect areas of ocean and rainforest outside of America, and preserve monuments in the nation through national parks and such
  • Make immigration laws more open
  • Legalize Stem-Cell Research, people shouldn't suffer
  • Legalize Abortion, make it the choice of the mother
  • Give us hope for the future. (The government cannot do this alone, nor should it, it is the responsibility of the citezen to change his country should he be displeased with it)

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